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Do you often feel out of your normal self? Disconnected from your loved ones?  Not being able to explain your feelings or thoughts because you’re afraid of how it might sound to others? Do you feel stuck unable to move forward in life? I know this is hard, it can often feel overwhelming or hopeless so you just want to push it aside so it goes away. Sometimes we get stuck, life changes, transitions, responsibilities can start to feel so heavy. Sometimes no matter what we do on our own, those feelings do not go away. Are you ready to feel like yourself again? I want to tell you that it is ok, sometimes we need help. It has taken so much courage for you to be on my website. You do not have to carry these feelings on your own. I will work with you, we can figure out what underlying issues are affecting you together. We will work out a plan that will be effective in getting you back to feeling like yourself again. Please remember that seeking help is a sign of strength, never weakness, and I am here to help.

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